Mass Production

The utilization of cutting-edge technologies ensures efficient mass production here at Afferent!

The importance of prototyping for product design and manufacturing cannot be overstated. Without a well-crafted prototype, companies risk creating products that will not fulfill their desired results or meet the set standards. Furthermore, in mass production settings, failing to employ an efficient prototyping service could have disastrous consequences on output and cost efficiency.

Expertise in the most advanced technology is essential at Afferent. Our designers are equipped with a vast selection of state-of-the-art software and systems to enable quick, creative prototype development. CAD systems and 3D modeling programs reduce prototype construction times while also enabling greater freedom for design iterations and custom innovation. 

Moreover, 3D printing technology allows precise production of prototypes – especially useful in industries that rely heavily on mass-producing simple complex designs. The utilization of these cutting-edge technologies ensures an efficient process for prototyping here at Afferent!

Mass Production, also known as repetitive flow production, is when your part or product has reached its maximum potential. If demand for the item is consistent and large quantities are regularly requested (1000+), it’s time to initiate mass production. Keeping up with consumer needs will ensure success of this important step in the process!

With our cutting-edge technologies and facilities, we are well-equipped to manufacture products in bulk. We have the capability to take your designs from their initial stages all the way through production, custom design and engineering to carefully selecting the right materials for each prototype, with a variety of finishes that best suit your product’s needs.

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The Afferent manufacturing facility is in the process of completing its ISO13485 certification. To help its customers, Afferent also offers US FDA and RoHS certification on custom orders.

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