Prototyping Services

Get your company the applications it needs for productivity - fast!

At Afferent, we take our designs and models to the next level by transforming them into products. From 3D printing, metal castings, or wooden CNC models – we have all your bases covered in terms of material selection, custom design and engineering for prototypes. This step gives you a chance to get familiar with the look and feel of your product before taking it further; if any product design modifications are needed this is when we can discuss them too.

Our production facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, for custom manufacturing products in mass quantities.

What is Product Prototype Development?

Prototyping involves creating a version of your product to get feedback from customers and develop the most efficient way to enhance it for better business outcomes. It’s an agile process that can help guarantee success.

At Afferent, we specialize in offering custom prototype development solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more than 6 years, our team has developed a proven process for custom manufacturing world-class products of outstanding quality—from startups to eCommerce brands. Our prototyping services are the perfect way to bring your product idea from concept to reality.

Let us help you build something amazing today!

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