Animal Health Monitoring Device

Afferent team developed an Animal health monitoring device that reengineers the management of training, recovery, and injury maintenance in horses. Working with our client we used their intelligent software solutions and integrated it with a flexible hardware device to allow for tailored performance plans, unparalleled capabilities in communication and animal care. Our custom design and engineering, along with our expertise in various technical areas, ensured that our animal health monitoring device met the needs of our partner and is fit for veterinary professionals, horse owners, and trainers seeking effective and innovative solutions.

Our Client

A dynamic company that specializes in providing a variety of products and services.  We combined our knowledge and experience with their industry knowledge ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach to their clients’ requirements.

Product Highlights

Our animal health monitoring device represents a breakthrough in horse management, utilizing intelligent software solutions to optimize training, enhance recovery, and ensure effective injury maintenance. Our product design and custom manufacturing processes have resulted in a solution that offers unmatched performance and ease of use.

Key Features and Benefits

Predictive Algorithm for Enhanced Monitoring: The animal health monitoring device incorporates a predictive algorithm that highlights deviations from normal horse behaviour and physiology based on our advanced data analytics. This innovative feature delivers valuable insights into the horse’s well-being, allowing early detection of potential issues. Its algorithm is approximately 33 times more sensitive than the current gold standard, ensuring proactive care and optimal performance.

Quantifiable Measurement of Key Parameters: Equipped with approximately 200 sensors strategically placed to measure 11 critical anatomical structures and blood flow in the horses. Our comprehensive data collection and data analytics facilities detailed analysis of the horse’s condition, enabling precise tailoring of performance plans and progress monitoring.

User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility: Designed to be user-friendly, with no technical background required for operation. The results from the sensor readings are easily accessible through a smartphone app. This intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that veterinary professionals, horse owners, and trainers can navigate the system effortlessly and make informed decisions based on data analytics. 

Custom Innovation for Tailored Solutions: The animal health monitoring device incorporates custom innovation to address specific animal requirements. Whether optimizing training plans for performance enhancement, monitoring a horse’s recovery from an injury, or managing overall well-being, it offers flexibility to meet individual needs.


Design: Custom-designed for seamless integration into horse management routines
Manufacturing: Precision-engineered using advanced custom manufacturing techniques
Sensors: Approximately 200 sensors strategically placed for comprehensive data analytics
Anatomical Structures: Measures 11 key anatomical structures for precise analysis
Connectivity: Smartphone app-based interface for easy accessibility
Compatibility: Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
Power Source: Long-lasting battery life for extended monitoring periods
Data Analysis: Intelligent algorithm for predictive analysis and deviation detection

This custom project is the future of horse management. Our dedication to custom design and engineering excellence, and continuous innovation have helped our client create a product that sets new standards in the equine industry.

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