Heated Eye Mask for Dry Eye Syndrome

Our custom design and engineering team developed a unique heated eye mask for one of US-based clients combining cutting-edge product design and custom manufacturing with innovative technology to provide remarkable comfort and relief. Developed specifically for the US market, this heated eye mask utilizes far infrared heating and a USB-powered product design to deliver safe and consistent heat, improving blood circulation and alleviating symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome, including migraine relief.

Our Client

This client is a privately owned American company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions for medical conditions. We collaborated with them to create this unique eye mask using custom design and engineering excellence.  This client uses strict ISO 13485 manufacturing processes and FDA Class II exempt therapeutic medical devices and therefore required a partner who could withstand the highest quality assurance testing. Working with them showcases our custom manufacturing expertise and dedication to delivering ingenious solutions for improved patient well-being.

Product Highlights

The Heating Eye Mask is a good example of our custom innovation and relentless pursuit of product design excellence, while meeting strict globally recognised quality standards.

Key Features and Benefits

Far Infrared Heating: the eye mask harnesses the power of far infrared heating, penetrating deep into the tissues around the eyes. This avant-garde technology promotes blood circulation, delivering soothing relief for dry eye syndrome and migraine relief.

USB-Powered Design: USB-powered design offers adaptability and convenience. Customers can connect the eye mask to a USB port or power bank and enjoy the flexibility of using it anywhere, any time.  Whether at home, in the office, or while travelling. No more hassles with batteries!

No Microwaving Needed: Unlike traditional eye masks, the Heating Eye Mask does not require microwaving. Our custom innovation ensures that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of consistent heat without any discomfort or risk of overheating.

Safe & Consistent Heat: Safety was a top priority for this client. The Heating Eye Mask offers consistent and optimal heat that is safe for delicate eye areas. The conductive fabric in the mask evenly distributes heat, ensuring an effective treatment every time.

Custom Design and Engineering: The Heating Eye Mask showcases our custom design and engineering expertise. We strive for excellence in every detail, delivering a superior product approved for the American market.

Migraine Relief: The Heating Eye Mask not only targets dry eye syndrome but also offers migraine relief. The soothing warmth and improved blood circulation help alleviate migraine symptoms, providing much-needed comfort during episodes.


Technology: Far infrared heating
Power Source: USB-powered
Safety: Conductive fabric for even heat distribution
Design: Custom design and engineering excellence for optimal comfort
Compatibility: Suitable for all adults
Size: Adjustable strap for a secure fit
Portability: Travel-friendly and light-weight   

This eye mask is an example of our custom innovation and quality product design  to ensure we meet the strictest quality standards for our clients.  

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