Patents and Collaborations

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Afferent team works on new applications with patent possibilities. Founder and investor, Mukund Deogaonkar in his role at BP First Energy, successfully commercialized a patented cooking technology using organic biomass in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.  His co-authored research paper can be found Bio-Gasification. This innovation was scaled up as an impact technology for rural cooking by British Petroleum and lit up cooking in more than 500,000 homes across the world. 

This technology was later commercialized by First Energy as a renewable energy source for medium scale food establishments.  The innovation won the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award in 2012. 

We are working on a technology collaboration program with Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai on developing applications of conductive carbon technology through a sponsored doctoral fellowship. This collaboration targets filing of 2 patents by 2024. 

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