Our Expertise

At Afferent Technologies, we are experts in electrical engineering and data systems- two integral components for the creation of custom solutions that meet our customers’ precise requirements. Our product design, development, and custom manufacturing services are tailored to your individual needs; enabling us to craft bespoke gadgets, devices or services unique to you.

Founder and investor, Mukund Deogaonkar, VP First Energy, successfully commercialized a patented cooking technology using organic biomass in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Our Competencies

Products Developed at Afferent

What Innovative Products have Afferent Created and Manufactured?

Consumer Devices

  1. Infant baby care product design: The USB-powered baby milk bottle warmer is a bespoke product developed for a baby products’ company, to ensure the warmth of bottles while traveling. With an interface that can be plugged into any power bank or USB charging port, this warm wrap is crafted with fabric and wraps securely around the bottle. Keep your little ones contented no matter where you go!
  2. Introducing the perfect remedy for dry eye syndrome: A custom-made heated eye mask tailored specifically to the US market. Get ready to enjoy long-lasting relief from dry, irritated eyes.
  3. Heated fabric products: Ready to feel relief? Our heated products offer the perfect fabric solution for your aching back, knees, neck, and joints. Experience soothing comfort in minutes!
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Custom-Made Non-Electronic Products

In addition to electronic items, Afferent also offers a wide variety of custom-made non-electronic products such as eye masks, period pain relief aids, maternity belts, braces,and back support belts.

Industrial Products
  1. IoT system for measuring electrical energy consumption in remote areas:  To acquire foundational data regarding electrical energy usage in rural areas, Afferent was tasked with creating and executing a real-time measurement and analytics solution that could be implemented at 65 locations. The team managed to craft an effective system that enabled the organization to accurately collect key insights into electricity consumption patterns throughout these regions.
  2. IoT system for measuring lubricant consumption levels
  3. IoT system for measuring water levels in residential complexes
  4. IoT system for gathering weather-related information in remote areas  
  5. Animal health device: A confidential project involving the measurement of key health  parameters of high-value animals.

Afferent has expertise in working with conductive carbon technology in various forms – inks, fabrics, and filaments, utilizing its inherent electrical and thermal conductivity. We work on 3D printing -a modern modeling and manufacturing technology for niche applications with carbon. The conductive carbon material has an incredible number of applications, and our specific focus is on radiative properties for use in wearable and other flexible devices.

robotic-arm-modern-industrial-technology-automate-2021-08-26-23-00-36-utc (1)
3d-motion-and-deformation-sensor-2021-08-26-16-53-47-utc (1)

Afferent has developed sound electronic capabilities for the integration of sensors that involve the gathering of data through a system of sensors and integrating that into an analytics layer that enables decision-making. Sensors can be connected to data networks using near-field (Bluetooth) and far-field data networks (cellular, wifi).

Custom Manufacturing

Afferent manufacturing team consists of a team of 35 skilled production workers, adept in working with flexible materials and electronic components – a very unique combination – The team has produced more than 300,000 units across 15 products designed and scaled for production at Afferent.

Afferent has exported products to the US, UK as well as other international markets.

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Collaborations & Technology

We are working on a technology collaboration program with the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai on developing applications of conductive carbon technology through a sponsored doctoral fellowship.

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