Data Meter

Introducing our innovation - Data Meter, a groundbreaking product design revolutionizing household electricity consumption. Our mission with our client was to promote sustainable energy practices and reduce humanity's carbon footprint by encouraging the use of energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs). With Data Meter, we created a custom-designed solution that empowers our partner’s customers to track and optimize their energy usage effectively.

Our Client

A socially responsible project developer and carbon finance business based in Malaysia, they are dedicated to working with the poorest communities around the globe to ensure access to clean energy technologies and sustainable energy services. By mitigating global climate change and improving the health of those in need, they are committed to positively impacting humanity and the planet.

Product Highlights

Data Meter is a state-of-the-art digital device specifically designed for households, focusing on rural areas.

Key Features and Benefits

Custom Design and Engineering: When designing this product with our client it went through many detailed custom design and engineering processes to provide optimal functionality and usability.  Every aspect, from the device’s form factor to its user interface, was carefully crafted to deliver a seamless experience.

Real-time Data Logging: The device is designed to empower households to track their daily usage of light bulbs accurately. The device logs usage time in minutes and seconds, providing precise data on energy consumption. This real-time data allows users to monitor their habits, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to reduce electricity consumption effectively.

Energy Efficiency Promotion: LED bulbs are known for their significantly lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, and reduced carbon emissions. By promoting the use of energy-efficient LEDs over traditional incandescent lamps, our product design encourages households to adopt sustainable practices. 

Custom Innovation for Impact: Our partner is committed to driving innovation that generates positive social and environmental impact. Working with them on this innovative product design was a unique experience that allowed us to also innovate for a greater global impact.


Custom Manufacturing: Data Meter is manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure reliability and durability.
Patent-Pending Technology: Our innovative features and product design are protected by pending patents.
PCB Design: The device incorporates a high-quality PCB design for efficient performance and longevity.
Data Analytics Integration: Data Meter can be connected to a smartphone app or software platform for in-depth data analysis and insights.
User-Friendly Interface: The device features an intuitive interface, making it accessible to everyone.
Easy Installation: The Data Meter can be easily installed in existing light bulb fixtures, requiring no additional wiring or complicated setup.

This custom product design was an incredible opportunity for global impact. Its powerful data-driven energy management combines custom design and engineering excellence with innovative technology. The final product is an empowering device helping the end-user make sustainable choices and reduce electricity consumption.

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